3D-Crafted to Simplicity & Perfection

Your Bitzmoto device is:
1. Phone (call/text)
2. Finance
That's it. No BS. A Cold Storage, Air-gapped, Mesh Phone/Bitcoin Wallet. Wallet + Phone = Satisfaction. Privacy, Security, Control, & Complete Self-Sovereignty. Verified and guaranteed. Free and Open-Source. Trust? No need.

Plans: Fast & Cheap

We don't feed you unVERified BS. We say "fast, cheap, AND private" & MEAN IT! Make permissionless P2P contracts/tx's On/Off-Chain, LN, Mesh, or any network. Select from our partner plans with Communion.Network

Self-Sustaning Power (For Real)

Batery charger included providing over 24hr usage via renewable energy. For every purchase you make, we will ensure there are no damages or faults and we will check and test your gear.



  1. Our CLASSIC plan.
  2. Pay 60$ats/4,380 blocks.
  3. AKA: 60$ats/month


  1. Our PLUS plan.
  2. Pay 90$ats/4,380 blocks.
  3. AKA: 90$ats/month


  1. Our PLUS plan.
  2. Pay 120$ats/4,380 blocks.
  3. AKA: 120$ats/month